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guayaquil city

Ecuador’s second largest city Guayaquil is a vibrant metropolis that stretches along the River Guayas delta‚ a busy port of commercial buildings and baronial mansions. Guayaquil also has a rich collection of museums‚ some flagship urban regeneration projects and good dining and nightlife. Enjoy the old quarter of Las Peñas with its traditional architecture as well as the modern and bustling riverfront Malecón.

There are daily flights to and from the Galapagos Islands at Jose Joaquin de Olmedo's International Airport located in the center of Guayaquil.


  • Ecuador's Main port & commercial city
  • Second largest city in Ecuador
  • One of the two international airports that connect to the Galapagos Islands
  • Wildlife: Land Iguana
  • Visitor Sites: Malecon 2000‚ Cerro Santa Ana‚ Las Penas‚ Historial Park‚ El Pantanal Zoo‚ Guayaquil Cathedral