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cristobal city

San Cristobal‚ the easternmost island of the archipelago‚ also home to the administrative capital‚ holds some of the islands’ most iconic scenic highlights. Combine this with the possibility of enjoying local hospitality in the picturesque town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno‚ and you’ve got quite a town to check out. San Cristobal hosts one of the two main airports "San Cristobal Airport" in the Galapagos province and is the site of the first human settlement in the whole archipelago it is also the island where Charles Darwin first disembarked in 1835.


  • Estimated Age: 2.35 million years
  • British Name: Chatham Island
  • Easternmost island in the archipelago
  • Capital of the Galapagos province
  • One of the two airports that connect to Guayaquil & Quito 
  • Wildlife: Galapagos sea lion‚ frigatebird‚ marine iguana‚ red-footed booby‚ blue-footed booby‚ Nazca booby‚ Galapagos giant tortoise
  • Visitor Sites: La Galapaguera‚ Cerro Brujo‚ Punta Pitt‚ Kicker Rock‚ Puerto Chino‚ the Highlands‚ La Loberia