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Our objective is always to send your baggage along with you on the same flight. However‚ there may be instances when your baggage may have to be sent by a later flight due to payload restrictions of the aircraft concerned.

If you plan to carry more than one piece of checked in baggage it would be advisable to pack one suitcase with what you would need to have immediately upon your arrival in the island‚ so that you can identify it if needed‚ and we can ensure that it goes on the same flight with you.

You have no reason to worry if your baggage has to be transferred on a later flight. It will always be in secure custody of our Baggage Service department and may be collected at our offices on the island.

Given the size of the aircraft‚ you will need to hand over your carry-on baggage to the cabin crew when arriving at the aircraft for boarding. Make sure you take your camera and other personal items you wish to have with you in the aircraft before you board.

We recommend the international standard baggage size for checked baggage of: 27 x 21 x 14 inches.

Our Baggage Policy may vary depending on your ticket class

  • Standard Fare (WD) – 15 lbs per passenger including checked luggage and carry on
  • Optimal & Promotion Fare (WE & WP) – 25 lbs per passenger including checked luggage and carry on
  • GPS Fare (XP‚ XD & XE) – 25 lbs per passenger including checked luggage and carry on
  • Agency Fare (AB‚ AE & AA) – 25 lbs per passenger including checked luggage and carry on
  • Flex Plus & Agency Flex Plus Fare (WF & AF) – 35 lbs per passenger including checked luggage and carry on
  • Charter Fare – up to 250 lbs including checked luggage and carry on

Additional Information

  • Each passenger luggage is weighted individually.
  • Included baggage per passenger weight does not transfer even if you are part of a group or family under the same reservation.
  • Extra baggage allowance may be purchased online or at counter desk to increase the included baggage allowance per person.
  • Extra baggage purchased with more than 24 hours prior to flight departure is offered at a discounted rate of $1.50 per Pound. 
  • From 24 hour prior to flight departure until check in time the extra baggage rate increases to $2.00 per Pound (payable for both the onward and return journeys separately).
  • If more baggage is required please contact our staff so that we may organize this accordingly.

Fragile Baggage

We are happy to carry fragile baggage. However‚ we regret that we will not be able to take responsibility in case of damage during carriage.

Note: 1kg = 2.21 lbs / 7kg = 15 lbs / 11kg = 25 lbs / 16kg = 35 lbs