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1. What is EMETEBE?

EMETEBE is a company authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority to perform aerial transportation of passengers and cargo over the Galapagos Islands region. EMETEBE is approved under Part 135 as an Air Taxi operator and is therefore not bound by a regular schedule. Our service is designed around the concept of flexibility and minimisation of environmental impact and emissions. Besides‚ it should be noted that Isabela is not a fully fledged airport‚ so that the schedule of flights from and to Isabela may occasionally be affected by weather conditions.

2. What is Air Taxi?

Air Taxi is a revolutionary new air travel option that makes life better for island travellers. We fly from various ecological airports‚ located on each island‚ and bring you directly to the destination of your choice. The result is a simpler‚ faster‚ better travel experience‚ that won't waste your time or wreck your budget. Flight times vary between 25 to 45 minutes depending on the distance.

3. How does Air Taxi work?

We're not like the other major airlines. Our service is designed around the concept of flexibility. Our flight timings are therefore not prescheduled and are based on your convenience. Think of the major airline as a bus company – it has fixed departure times‚ predetermined routes‚ and crowded cabins. Prices are rock bottom‚ but service quality is not so great‚ and is getting steadily worse. We're like a mini-van service - with wings! We fly on your schedule‚ to your destination‚ just for your convenience. No missed connections‚ no lines‚ no waiting. Yes flying can actually be that simple.

4. Is Air Taxi safe?

Yes‚ Air Taxi service is one of the safest ways to travel. For us‚ safety comes before anything else‚ and is our number one objective every day. We've operated incident free since founding in 1993‚ and have received awards for our proactive commitment to safe operations.

5. Why fly Air Taxi?

When time is limited‚ do what more and more savvy travellers are doing. Go by air taxi. Leave your stress behind and let a professional pilot chauffeur you to your destination. While everyone else is crowding into limited ferries travelling across the agitated Pacific Ocean‚ you'll be well on your way to your destination.

6. What's the experience like?

The difference is clear as soon as you arrive at the airport. With EMETEBE's service‚ there are no crowds. No security lines. No hassles whatsoever. Just a seamless experience: you pull up to the check in desk‚ our staff greets you and helps you with your bags; you take your seat in a comfortable cabin‚ and you're off.

7. How does the online reservation system work?

Customers must fill the "book flight" icon on the right hand side of the web page. Select the service you wish to contract and follow instructions. Island transfers can be purchased directly online (via credit card / paypal online service). For Charter‚ Cargo‚ Medical flights and Scenic flights‚ customers must complete the contact us form and click on the send button. Our sales team should contact you via email as soon as possible to outline your flight details and payment methods.

8. Promotion Fare‚ Standard Fare‚ Family Fare or Flex Plus Fare? Not sure which one is best for you?

At Emetebe Airlines‚ we have a fare for every type of traveller! It all depends on whether you want the cheapest option‚ whether you need additional baggage allowance‚ whether you're travelling with kids or whether you need flexibility to be able to change your flights. 

PROMOTION FARE – The Ultimate Bargain fare (25 lbs of luggage allowance per passenger)

Heavily discounted tickets offered during a promotional campaign or low season travel dates. This is the lowest ticket price you can find at Emetebe‚ but it comes with the highest restrictions. No changes are permitted‚ tickets are non-refundable and no travel credit is granted.

Luckily‚ there is still time to add a seat selection to sit next to your companion or increase your luggage allowance if you change your mind at the last minute.

STANDARD FARE – Looking for the Best Price (25 lbs of luggage allowance per pax)

The most affordable ticket if you’re unlikely to require any flight or itinerary changes. Should you need to make any changes to your booking however‚ you’ll incur a flight change fee plus any fare difference on your new flight booking. Tickets are non-refundable and travel credit is granted only under exceptional circumstances.

You can also add a seat selection to sit next to your companion or increase your luggage allowance if you change your mind at the last minute.

FAMILY FARE – Travelling with the Family (25 lbs luggage allowance per pax)

If there's one thing for sure‚ it's that travelling on your own is not the same as travelling with kids. We know that when you take the whole family you want to be able to sit together on the plane and you probably need to take more baggage. No worries! With our Family fare every passenger (except infants under 2) gets 25 lbs of baggage allowance and a free seat selection (except premium gold seat).

At Emetebe we try to make life easier for families‚ so if your child is under 2 you can take a free hold item (pushchair‚ cradle‚ cot or booster seat). Besides‚ you can take your pushchair right up the plane‚ where we'll take it off you and put it in the hold free of charge‚ and you get priority boarding.

Additionally the family fare comes with extra flexibility‚ with lower-priced booking change fees (plus fare difference). Tickets are non-refundable but can be changed into travel credit.

FLEX PLUS FARE – Top Flexibility & Extra Luggage (35 lbs luggage allowance per pax)

We've created this fare especially for people who need additional baggage allowance or fly frequently and want to be able to change the time of their flight‚ even on the same day‚ without having to pay a surcharge. All you'll pay is the difference in fare. With this option‚ unlike the others‚ we won't charge you for the change.

The Flex Plus fare also means that you save time because it includes priority access (at the airports where available) and priority boarding‚ so you'll be the first on the plane with guaranteed space for your hand bag. And of course‚ all Flex Plus fare passengers get 35 lbs of baggage allowance and free seat selection (except premium gold seat). Tickets are non refundable but can be changed into travel credit.

9. Why are there apparently several pages of EMETEBE website?

EMETEBE has been a continuing presence in Galapagos since 1993. It is an institution very much like the Solitary George. Not surprisingly‚ many pirate websites illegally use our brand for publicity purpose. Others just simply try to earn a day by re-selling our tickets for a mark-up. If you wish to avoid this‚ make sure you buy your ticket using our official website (“”)‚ in one of our local offices in the Galapagos or in the Ecuadorian mainland.

10. What's the reservation policy like?

  • In order to confirm your reservation and to be guaranteed a seat on our flights‚ the total value of the ticket must be paid. 
  • Last minute customers beware that you will only be offered a seat if there is available space on the aircraft.
  • Reservation & ticket changes incur a fee that may vary depending on your ticket class. 
  • The fee is calculated based on a time factor that takes into account the day you wish to apply for a change and the original flight departure timing.

11. What's the cancelation policy like?

Unfortunately we do not offer reimbursements or refunds on cancellations made by customers. We are however happy to change your reservation date in accordance with our Reservation Changes Policy.

12. What happens if you miss your flight?

Passengers who miss their flight for reasons that are not attributable to the airline will automatically lose their ticket and will have to pay an administrative charge to reactivate their ticket.

13. How can I submit a claim form?

Passengers can submit a claim to our customer service department at the email:

Please make sure to briefly explain the nature of your problem or inconvenience and attach a copy of your receipt and bank transfer statement (if applicable). Please note that the airline does not take responsibility in delays or flight cancelations due to events described as “force majeure”. EMETEBE defines a force majeure event as: “Any conditions beyond EMETEBE's control‚ including weather‚ acts of God‚ civil commotion‚ wars‚ hostilities‚ strikes‚ labour-related disputes‚ government regulation or action‚ shortage of labour or fuel‚ or other facts not foreseen by EMETEBE.”